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For professionals

The effect of the Sweetbee® book is unique. Manufacturers benefit from the scientific nature of the compilation of information to introduce their products. Your participation is important to the Sweetbee® team in our efforts to offer the book free of charge, which is of course also greatly appreciated by patients.

There are several formulas with which businesses and authorities can join, or a combination of these formulas. Request the fact sheets that provide all information about the various possibilities of participation via email.



Since the launch of the Sweetbee apps, already more than 80.000 people found the way to the app stores.

Sweetbee will bring a russian version of the Nutrition guide for russian patients and caretakers. Launch is predicted for...

Free Apps

The Sweetbee apps are created to make your live easy. Giving you quick insights on your diabetes. The apps can be downloaded through the ’App Store of ITunes,  and the Google android store


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